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Vassey Pillay

Vassie Pillay is an Intercessor, and an Apostolic, Prophetic servant of God. He has an evangelistic ministry and travels from his home in Johannesburg, South Africa (formerly of Durban, So. Africa), to Australia where he has ministered in Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and other locations. He has been coming to the United States since 2000. He has spent six months, on the average, each year in the United States since that time. As an intercessor, Vassie had prayed for the United States for a period of five years when the Lord impressed upon him that he should come to the United States. Initially the Lord directed him to come to the Branson, MO area to speak and has been coming each year since. He has ministered in several area towns. Houstonia, Sweet Springs, Calhoun, Clinton, Leeton, Lincoln, Joplin, and Sedalia. Bro. Vassie initiated and was instrumental in bringing together various pastors and churches which resulted in the Unity Meeting heldon the Missouri State Fair Grounds on Good Friday, March 25, 2005. This was a very successful meeting with over 900 in attendance.

It is his primary goal to unite the pastors of the various independent churches to pray together and support each other in unity to further the cause of Christ. To teach others how to pray and intercede for the needs of the saints, the needs of our cities, our churches, our schools, our government and our leaders. It is his prayer that the Christians of this great nation will once again turn back to their “First Love” with Jesus Christ. That they would humble themselves and pray, confess their sins, so that they may once again hear from heaven, and then God will hear our prayers and heal our land. HE comes here to pray against the enemy (Satan) and all his evil forces.

Brother Vassie has a powerful testimony of how he was gloriously saved when he was 18 years of age. How he was brought out of darkness into the Glorious Light of Jesus. He was anointed instantly and began to preach. He has now been preaching over 40 years.

Brother Vassie comes to us strictly by faith, and he has not supported by any church or organization.

When Brother Vassie travels, he leaves behind his wife, Sally, a son and daughter, and their spouses. They each presented him with a beautiful granddaughter, both born in January of 2005.


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